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Still waiting!

When 1.13.1 rolled out in August there were still vanilla bugs, at least on the server side of things. One in particular means your chest contents could suddenly disappear, pretty bad I know. So, we are waiting for 1.13.2 which will hopefully fix all issues and make creating a fresh 1.13 world and having players use it less risky, in terms of reliability. There is no guarantee that all of our plugins function in 1.13 in every regard either, as we are currently using dev builds for several, so that’s another reason to wait.

Unfortunately, even if everything was stable today, we’d have to wait, as the warp plugin we use has a bug which prevents us from setting a global warp limit. This means players can place 10 warps in each world, instead of 10 warps total regardless of the world you place them in. The developer for the plugin is working on it.

When 1.13 is stable for bukkit servers, all we have left to do is replace a couple of shop signs that relied on the old ID system, set up the new world, fix a couple of command blocks which broke, and then everything is good to go! Really excited for the re-opening of SunnyShadowz!

In case you still haven’t read all the new pages on our website, it would be a good time to do that before we launch, which is hopefully within a month!

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