Report Player

Do you suspect a player has broken a rule? If so, please submit a report below. Reports that do not include all the points below will get discarded. If an admin is online, please try to contact them first before submitting a report as we could deal with it on the spot.

  1. Username of the player you want to report
  2. Which rule do you suspect was broken?
  3. Date of offence (approximate date is fine, but the more accurate you are, the faster we can search for proof)

Thank you!

If you want to get notified when the reported player receives a ban, you can fill in your Minecraft user name or your email address below, or both.

Continuously sending in appeals without answering the points above or sending in multiple requests after each other with the same content is not allowed. Doing so will get you suspended from our Minecraft server for two weeks, in addition to your current ban if it is temporary.

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