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A Returning Command

The /back command used to be available on our server, but abuse in The Quest led to it being removed. Since then we have not really attempted to solve the issue the command brought with it, until now.

So then, the command is back, but not without a few fixes. You cannot use the command to go back to the Quest world anymore, nor can it be used to go back to your death location, anywhere. This is because we believe it has a significant impact on the tension of the vanilla Minecraft experience. If *back on death* were enabled you could return to a fight in an instant, retrieve your items and continue fighting, or escape. This would be especially unfair in ranged PVP. We hope this is understandable.

Another problem with the command was that it only worked between warps and death locations. If you used a warp sign, the last location would not be saved. This has also been fixed, so now the command works just as one would expect – every time you teleport the last location will be saved.

Lastly, the command has become a VIP only perk.

Hope everyone had a relaxing easter break!

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April News Flash

Just an update on what has happened since the last post!


We have switched from Spigot to Paper, which is a lighter implementation of Bukkit than Spigot and should help with server performance. Please report to us if you find any issues that weren’t there before, or if the server actually feels more responsive now!


Since launch, the main survival world has been running on Easy difficulty somehow. Only one player reported it so I have a feeling it did not bother many. Meanwhile, I was thinking we should increase it to Hard – pretty bad timing. The difficulty is now Normal!


In terms of the future, we are thinking of changing the way you buy and sell items in our shops. As we add more and more items, it will become increasingly annoying to buy and sell all your junk chests, and anything for that matter. I will make an educated guess that most players don’t sell their junk chests because it’s not worth the effort for the mere hundreds of $ or so they are worth. 

The solution is a GUI for buying and selling. However, we don’t want to remove the requirement of being in the vicinity of the shop selling a particular item, so to access this GUI, you will have to be in the shop selling that item (which is currently the case). There you will find all items being sold at that shop on one screen, making it much easier and simpler to buy and sell items than finding the correct sign, especially since not all signs have space for an item frame.

This is not set in stone yet, but we are thinking about removing the shop vicinity restriction for selling and allowing players to sell all items in their inventory in one go, at a certain location in spawn (Bank?). This will make selling much less of a hassle for everyone.

Adding new items should also be easier as they could be added directly to a config file, instead of having to add them in-game.

Let us know if you like this idea!

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