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These are the rules on our Minecraft server. You may submit a ban appeal on the Ban Appeals page if you think you were banned unjustly. To report a player for breaking any of these rules, you can do so on the Report Player page.

OBS! NEVER share personal or sensitive information about you, such as your full real name or home address, on public servers in the main chat. If you wish to do so in a private message, please be aware that ALL messages are logged on this server to find players breaking specific rules. Remember to report any lousy chat behaviour.

You are responsible for any activity that occurs on your account, even if it is compromised. We reserve the right to ban you for any edge case which may fall outside the listed rules below.

§1. NO claim griefing *

You are not allowed to grief around player claims or officially protected areas (Wilderness spawns…). Examples of such griefing are: blowing up the surrounding area, building lava/water towers in close proximity or any major obstruction such as a wall. Digging massive holes is also not allowed.

You are not allowed to place claims with the purpose of blocking or annoying another player. An example of this would be to place a claim right next to another player’s claim without their permission.

§2. Be respectful towards everyone

We do not tolerate bullying, discrimination or personal harassment. Discrimination is considered to be the unjust treatment of people based on an attribute they possess. These attributes include race, sex and mental and physical illnesses.

Always keep in mind how others may perceive your statements. Even if you intend some words as a joke, there may be new users that do not see it as such.

We take quoting of memes which violate this rule equally seriously.

§3. NO excessive swearing

Extremely foul language is not allowed, even if it is not directed explicitly towards any given player. Misrepresentations of words that fall under this category, such as n****r, along with racial and sexual slurs, are all considered extremely foul language.

Moderate swearing is allowed, but if you are swearing excessively or if you are directing it in the slightest towards other players, we will take action. Try to be considerate.

We take quoting of memes which violate this rule equally seriously.

§4. NO glitching

Abusing mechanics in the game that are not intentional is not allowed. These mechanics do not include purposefully getting stuck in blocks to get pushed anywhere, except past bedrock. Any form of glitching to get past bedrock is not allowed.

Every form of item/block duping is a bannable offence, see for examples.

§5. NO cheats/mods

Using any client modification that gives you an advantage over other players in-game is strictly forbidden. X-ray, Full Bright, Schematica and Fly Hack are examples of such modifications. In short, NO hacked client is allowed. You are permitted to use OptiFine and shaders, however.

If you believe a mod you are using should be recognised and is not listed here, feel free to contact us about it.

§6. NO spamming chat (public and private)

Sentences with all caps is also considered spam. If someone is spamming private messages, we will only take action if you report them to staff.

§7. NO trolling, scamming or rank abuse *

Do not exploit or mislead other players for your benefit. Examples include luring a player to a warp with the intent to kill them, lying about features of a property you sell to a player, and for staff members, abusing moderation tools.

§8. NO advertising of any kind and NO links that may contain pornography, sexism, racism or disturbing content

§9. NO anti-AFK mechanisms

Any method to avoid AFK kick mechanisms is not allowed. AFK machines, pools, Auto-Reconnect and Macros are examples of such mechanisms. Because you can sell almost every item in Minecraft in our in-game shops, these tools are incredibly useful at making you loads of cash. You are also effectively taking up a player slot without actually playing. Note that you are allowed to AFK-farm up until you automatically get kicked for being AFK. You are also allowed to cancel the AFK timer, but this must be done by you manually, and not using any of the tools mentioned above. Keep in mind that anything that looks like a Macro will be considered a Macro. An example would be holding down the left mouse button without responding to our messages in chat and otherwise staying completely still in-game. This exact behaviour can be achieved using Macros, and we will, therefore, assume so.

§10. NO offensive or intentionally laggy builds *

Hate and sexual symbols or anything closely resembling them, builds with extremely foul language written in blocks (signs included), and contraptions that were made to lag the server, are not allowed. These will get removed without notice.

If you contribute in any way to any build mentioned above, you are equally liable for prosecution as the player who initiated the build.

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