Rank Benefits & Requirements

VIP and VIP+ are auto-promotion ranks, meaning after reaching a particular playtime in-game you will get promoted automatically. See exact requirements below. If we find evidence that you broke any of our rules before being promoted, your promotion will get revoked, and the playtime requirement will increase by half.


  • Access to the /back command (returns you to your previous destination, does not work for the Quest world or upon death)
  • Total warps you can place increased to 10
  • Ability to place public warps directly (instead of having to place a private warp and then publicising it)
  • Ability to start a vote to change the time of day in any world except spawn, and the weather in any world including spawn
  • Access to exclusive shop items (VIP Shop, see Map)
    • passive mob spawner (pig) (to change mob type, right-click with a spawn egg)
    • spawn eggs (cow, pig, sheep)
  • Ability to purchase a large 36×36 plot of flat land (warp LOTS_B)
  • Ability to purchase a 9×9 exclusive apartment in the Wealthy District of spawn
  • Ability to purchase more claim blocks and expand your claim beyond 25×25.
  • [VIP] name prefix and colour

See VIP commands for all the new commands.

To become VIP, we do not require you to be an active player, but you need to follow the rules for 30 hours strictly. Once you have a total in-game playtime of 30 hours, you will automatically get promoted.


  • Total warps you can place increased to 20
  • Ability to invite every player of a particular rank to your warps.
  • [VIP+] name prefix and colour
  • All benefits from the VIP rank

See VIP+ commands for all the new commands.

If you are VIP, keep playing, follow the rules and be friendly in chat for a chance to become VIP+. Once you have a total in-game playtime of 90 hours, you will automatically get promoted.


  • Ability to kick players
  • Ability to ban players temporarily
  • Ability to mute players in the chat temporarily
  • Ability to send warnings to players
  • Ability to remove messages sent from players
  • Can only revert own punishments
  • Access to in-game chat channel exclusive to Moderators
  • Discord specific: Manage messages, mute other users, kick/ban users, access to Mod-only chat and feedback channels
  • [Moderator] name prefix and colour
  • All benefits from the VIP+ rank

See Moderator commands for all the new commands.

As a moderator, you have a lot more responsibility in keeping the chat clean and the players content. From racial slurs, personal harassment and anything listed under chat rules, it’s your job to deal with these players in accordance to our banning policy. See the “#ban-lengths” channel on our Discord server.

To become Moderator, you need to be a relatively active player and VIP+. You need to not only follow the rules during a longer period than for VIP+ but also be friendly towards new players and try to answer any questions they may have.

Abusing the tools we give you as a Moderator or exploiting your status will result in losing the rank. Any of the following actions are seen as abuse:

  • Banning players without evidence.
  • Kicking players without reason.
  • Muting players without reason.
  • Deleting players’ messages without reason.
  • Repeatedly banning players by accident or for an incorrect duration (if our command reference is unclear, please let us know).
  • Misbehaving towards new players.
  • Breaking any of the Rules.

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