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Wilderness Claim Plugin Poll


We have been discussing quite a significant gameplay change on SunnyShadowz recently and would like to hear your opinion. Since the last poll in February the idea has been refined slightly.

We are planning to add a wilderness claim plugin, and it would work like this:

  • you start with a 50×50 (50 m^2) area (free) and can extend it (when you get the VIP rank) to a maximum of 400×400 (400 m^2) using in-game currency
  • you can only have a single claim at any given time
  • you can build to the sky limit
  • the claim only protects from block destruction (PVP, animal killing, chest stealing will all still work)
  • griefing will be allowed everywhere with no protection
  • as a player of the Member rank your claim is removed automatically after an inactive period of two months (anything within the claim area will be accessible by all players)
  • lots, both big and small ones, will become cheaper to match the price of claims

So why do we think this is a positive change? We have never allowed griefing on the server because we want players to be able to build whatever they want without risk of losing their work. However, this presents a higher load on staff since dealing with griefers is not always easy, especially for builds close to wilderness spawn. With this change, griefing will be impossible to do assuming you have placed a claim, and thus it will reduce our workload. You can call us lazy, but another aspect is that restoring griefed builds does not always restore it exactly as it was before the grief, depending on the methods used by the griefer. These inconsistencies, together with the increased workload of our current system, resulted in the idea of wilderness claims, and we would love to hear your feedback on it. There are multiple aspects to get right, such as pricing, how much you can extend it, how many claims you can place, how long before a claim expires etc. This poll will help us get an idea of your initial thoughts.

A question you may have is how lots will fit into the picture. The current price of lots would be too high compared to claims, and we are therefore thinking of lowering it to match the cost of a wilderness claim. That is great and all but why would you ever purchase a lot even at the same price then? Well, we think they might still be useful for shop-making, since they offer full PVP and stealing protection as well as griefing protection, as opposed to claims which only offer grief protection. We are planning to add many more shop booths and some kind of shop advertisement area in spawn too, which will be cheaper and safe alternatives to lots for selling to other players.

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