Updated 2020-07-16

Commands marked orange are donator perks!

[ Brackets ] indicate optional arguments

| Dividers | indicate command aliases

Server Voting


Open the vote reward GUI.



View a list of available commands. This is a simplified


Read the message of the day. This is displayed automatically on each login.


List all online players.


View the rule book.


Reset your “last slept” time. This will stop Phantoms from spawning.

/givepet player

Give away your pet to player. The command will prompt you with instructions on what to do.


If you get stuck, this is the fastest way out.

/tpa player

Request to teleport to player.

/tpahere player

Request player to teleport to you.


Accept a teleport request.


Deny a teleport request.


Teleport to spawn.


Place the item you are holding on your head.

/nick nickname

Add a nickname or change your current one to nickname. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to impersonate any player from the staff team, including Moderators. You can find a list of staff names in the Mayor Building. You are also not allowed to change your nickname to anything that would be considered an offence of rule §2 or §3.

/nick off

Remove your nickname.

/seen player

Check how long ago player last logged in.


Show the total time you have spent on our server (daily, weekly, monthly and total), plus the local server time (can also be found on a sign in spawn). Note that your total playtime can also be found in the Minecraft statistics in-game.

/ontime top

Show the top 20 players that have played the longest on our server, including staff.


/worth [itemname]

Check the value of itemname. If itemname is not given the command will check the value of the item in your hand. This only works if the item is sellable in our shops.


See your current balance.

/pay player amount

Send the specified amount of money to player.


Show a leaderboard of the players with the most money.


Toggles whether you are prompted to confirm payments.


Toggles whether you are accepting payments.


/mail read

If you have new mail, type this command to read it.

/mail clear

Once you have read your mail, use this command to clear it.

/mail send player message

Send a mail containing message to player. This works even if the player is offline.

/pm player message

Send a private message to player. Only works if the player is online.

/r message

Quickly reply with message to the last private message you received.

/ignore player

Ignore all private messages from player.


List all chat channels and their aliases.


Set your chat channel to Global (default setting).


Set your chat channel to English.

/listen channel

Receive messages sent in a different channel from the one you are currently in.

/leave channel

Stop receiving messages from channel.


Toggle the notification sound for private messages.

/chatcolor 6

Change your chat colour to this!

/chatcolor d

Change your chat colour to this!

/chatcolor b

Change your chat colour to this!

/chatcolor e

Change your chat colour to this!

/chatcolor f

Change your chat colour back to default!



Create a claim with a 5 block radius.


Delete the claim you are standing in.


Deletes all of your claims.


Toggles if explosions are allowed in your claim or subdivision.

/trust player

Give another player permission to edit your claim or subdivision.

/permissiontrust player

Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.

/untrust all

Removes all permissions for all players in the claim or subdivision your are standing in.

/untrust player

Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim or subdivision.


List the permissions for the claim or subdivision you are standing in.


Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.


Restricts a subdivision, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim.


Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.

/extendclaim blockamount

Extend your claim by blockamount in the direction you are looking.


Lists a your claims and claim block details.



Teleport to your home. (5 second warm-up)


Set your home teleport location to your current position.


Delete your home.


/warp|to warpname

Teleport to warpname. (5 second warm-up)

/warp assets|limits

List all the warps you have created, along with the limits associated with each type of warp (public, private).

/warp pcreate|pset warpname

Create a new private warp called warpname.

/warp delete|remove warpname

Delete warp warpname.

/warp info|stats warpname

Display stats about a warp you have created or any public warp.

/warp invite player warpname

Invite a player to your private warp warpname.

/warp uninvite player warpname

Uninvite a player from your private warp warpname.

/warp list

Display a list of every warp you can visit.

/warp point

Point your compass to the coordinates of spawn (if you are in a different world the same coordinates will be used).

/warp point warpname

Point your compass to the coordinates of the warp warpname (if you are in a different world the same coordinates will be used).

/warp private warpname

Make warp warpname private.

/warp public warpname

Make warp warpname public.

/warp update warpname

Update the location of warp warpname.

/warp welcome warpname

Change the welcome message of warp warpname.

Chest Shops

/csn history

See your chest shop sales history.

/csn clear

Clear your sale recordings.


Toggle notifications when your chest shop runs out of stock or when players cannot sell to your shop anymore because the chest is full.


/as rent property

Rent a property or extend your current rent.

/as unrent property

Unrent a property.

/as buy property

Buy a property.

/as sell property

Sell your property to the server.

/as me

Get information about your property or properties.

/as info

List all properties.

/as tp property

Teleport to your property.

/as settp property

Set the teleport location for your property.

/as addfriend player

Add player to your property.

/as delfriend player

Remove player from your property.

/as resell price property

Put your property up for sale for a specified price, for other players to buy.

/as stopresell property

Put your property back into the sold state.

Weather Voting

/wv yes

Vote yes in the current weather vote.

/wv no

Vote no in the current weather vote.

Time Voting

/tv yes

Vote yes in the current time of day vote.

/tv no

Vote no in the current time of day vote.

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