Price List

We will be adding new items as time passes.

Press Ctrl + F to search for an item in the list. On MacOS use Command + F

Items tinted green are upcoming and not yet available in-game.

Suggest new items to add to the list in the comment section!

ID of block/item
Buy price $
Sell price $Shop title

22 thoughts on “Price List

  1. we definitely need to have pumpkins in the shop

  2. change name so you know who this is

  3. Backejacke

    We need some enchantment books and Ender Pearls πŸ™‚

  4. Backejacke


  5. Backejacke

    And rename Silver wool to Light Gray Wool please

  6. Wolf Spawn Egg? Wizard Tower

  7. Classe02

    Jack o’Lantern As Halloween Special ?

  8. Classe02

    Add Item Frame?

  9. Backejacke

    Is there hoppers? would need them there

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  11. Quin

    I noticed the flower shop was missing Wither Rose and Cornflower, would be great if they could be added:)

    – Lagoon

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  13. IzYakuza

    Enchanting book Shop or a Villager spawn egg? would be good for the 1.16 Update πŸ˜€

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