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More commands in book format, new donation chat perk + smaller changes

The book notification plugin we added last week has enabled us to convert massive amounts of information from our website to books which can finally be accessed from in-game. /help and /rules are two such examples, which are now a lot more readable and useful in-game than they have ever been. The /help command in particular now contains the complete command reference found on our website for every rank, with helpful descriptions for each command. We urge you to give them a try next time you log in, especially if you do not visit our website often. Furthermore, the news book that those of you that have played during the past week will have seen at least once is now accessible with the /news command.

Messages sent in any of the synchronised chats from our Discord server look a lot better in-game now. The mismatching rank colours, in particular, have been corrected.

You can now check your account balance with the /balance command, which is a new alias for the /money command. In other words, both of these commands now show your account balance.

Finally, we have added a new donation chat perk: special suffixes depending on which donation tier you purchase. Check it out below.

Donation Tier 1. Props to Admin DragonProto for giving our donation pages a new look!

Before I leave, a quick word on our road map. Keep in mind that anything listed here is subject to modification.

  • We have plans for designating an entire area in spawn for player shops and trading, and a way to advertise your shops to other players via some “ad board” in spawn.
  • The ability to create chat parties for you and your friends in-game, which may include party teleport commands etc.
  • A fully-fledged introduction to SunnyShadowz for new players, which may be useful even for senior players.
  • Creative world which is entirely separate from the rest of the server (i.e. different inventory), where you can build to your heart’s desire in free plots and where we might host building competitions in the future.
  • Many new secret rooms and districts in our spawn town.

That is all for now!

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New in-game notification system & major shop additions

It’s about time we give you a progress update!

Let’s start things off with the biggest news: a proper notification system! Finally! When you log into the server now, a book will show up containing all the recent news and updates we make to the server. This is a big deal because previously we had no way of letting every player on our server know in-game about any new updates and important changes. Of course, if you have joined our Discord channel or check our website regularly it has never been a problem, but we believe interacting with a server outside of the game should be entirely optional. We are not quite there yet though since it’s difficult to fit all the text in these articles inside of books, so the information in this in-game “newspaper” will be summarized. Finally, don’t worry about being spammed, because it will only be displayed to you once every 24 hours. This cooldown is subject to change as we keep experimenting.

See it in action


The second big thing is the addition of several new items in our shops!
The following items have been added: Totem of Undying, Ender Chest, Enchanting Table, Block of Redstone, Iron Trapdoor, Dark Prismarine Slab, Prismarine Brick Slab, Shield, Prismarine Slab, Gold Nugget, all types of Boat, all types of Stripped Wood and regular Wood, all types of wooden Fence Gate, all types of Stripped Log, Iron Nugget, all types of wooden Trapdoor, all types of Sign, Podzol, all types of wooden Door, all types of wooden Fence, Acacia Sapling, Dark Oak Sapling, all types of wooden Slab, Acacia Leaves and Dark Oak Leaves. Now that was a handful, but that’s not even all! All the wooden items mentioned above are located in a new shop building, the Carpenter’s Workshop (credit DragonProto), and some items have been moved from the Masonry’s Workshop to here. Some items have also moved from the Wizard Tower to the Masonry’s Workshop, so make sure to check out the locations in the price list next time you go shopping!

In August we nerfed Ender Pearls by a lot. The reason for this was that the previous most efficient way to farm Ender Pearls required a lot more work to set up compared to the new method introduced in 1.14. This means you won’t get as much out of these farms anymore, but on the contrary, Ender Pearls are a lot cheaper to buy now, and all items craftable with Ender Pearls have also been affected. This means End Crystal and Eye of Ender are cheaper and sell for less as well. As always we appreciate any feedback regarding changes like this because at the end of the day we just have a top-down view of the situation.

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