Connect with staff and other players and leave feedback on our public Discord server:


Ranks are shared within our community. If you are not your correct rank in Discord, you need to type /discord link in-game and follow the instructions.

Your name on our Discord server will be the same as your Minecraft account after linking your account with the command above.

If you do not link your account, you are not able to send messages in our synchronised chats, read the message history, attach files or embed links in any channel.

Please keep the DMs and the VOIPs clean and respectful or else you will be banned from using them any further. You will find a complete set of Discord specific rules in the rules channel on the Discord server itself.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about anything SunnyShadowz related to us there as we are almost always online. Just make sure to tag us in chat or we may miss your message!

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