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Chat channel update

The chat channel previously known as “Multilingual” (command /m) has been changed to an English only channel and renamed to “English” (command /e). The “Global” channel is still the default channel but you can now speak any language there, which makes a lot more sense given the name. Also, you can now choose to leave even the Global channel, meaning you can mute public chat by typing both “/leave e” and “/leave g”. This includes any messages sent from Discord in any of the synchronized channels. As a reminder, to rejoin any of the channels, simply type “/g” for Global and “/e” for English, and to see all messages sent in a channel without setting it as your target channel for sending messages, you can type “/listen e” or “/listen g”. By default you receive messages from all channels.

All relevant commands can also be found in our command reference.

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The future of item prices

Since our re-launch we have observed new item selling behaviors that has led to players earning vasts amount of money, a lot more than we anticipated was possible through our shop. One such item was the Magma Block, which you previously could sell for $198 per block (now $3). Magma Blocks are very easy to find in The Nether (similar rarity to Andesite in Overworld) and we overlooked this completely, only looking at the alternative way of getting Magma Blocks, Magma Cream. We are not ruling out the possibility that more such items exist in our shop, and that is of course a problem.

Furthermore, we noticed Prismarine Shards were being sold at a vast rate as well, however that was due to a very effective Guardian farm. We consequently lowered the price of Prismarine Shards from $75 per piece, to $50, as well as lowering Prismarine Crystals from $250 per piece to $125. The former was lowered based on the cost of Iron Ingots at $64, as we believe an Iron Golem farm is yields a lot less Iron Ingots than a Guardian farm yields Prismarine Shards and Crystals. The latter was lowered based on the drop rate of Prismarine Crystals compared to Prismarine Shards.

This price is subject to change, and in fact, as of now a lot of prices are subject to change, because for a lot of items we have not considered the effectiveness of farming them and only the chances of finding them. Ideally, each farmable ingredient should be based on the amount of blocks of each type used in the farm, how much the farm yields per hour, how much time the farm takes to set up, how much player interaction the farm requires when it is complete and how hard the blocks/items required are to acquire. Since some farms can be of indefinite size and still function well, such a formula is essential to avoid incorrect judgement of how efficient a certain item is to farm. A player may have spent 100 hours building the largest Iron Ingot farm in existence, and may make loads of money, and that should be deserved and not punished. At the same time, lowering the value of an item because it is extremely easy to farm, will allow any player to purchase that item for a lot cheaper than you would expect considering how hard it would be to find that item normally.

With enough research and documentation to justify pricing, the latter of which we have not really done at all, we hope to be able to come up with fairer pricing for all ingredients currently sold in our shops. This re-evaluation of pricing will take some time and ask all of you kindly to bear with us!

/ SunnyShadowz Administration Team

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