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Here you will find everything you need to know about plugins that may directly impact your gameplay experience.


  1. Sections
  2. General
  3. Claims
  4. Properties
  5. Chest Shops
  6. Warping
  7. Weather and Time Voting


  • Every form of command teleportation has a 5-second warm-up to prevent PVP dodging.
  • After logging in or teleporting, there is a 5-second delay before you can start taking and dealing damage.
  • If you are AFK, you will get kicked after 10 minutes.


Claims offer protection against griefers in the wilderness, but do not protect against PVP, PVE, stealing or any other form of player interaction which does not break blocks, such as using buttons, levers and wooden doors.

  • If you have not placed a claim, placing a regular chest will automatically create one for you.
  • As the starting rank of Member, you can create a claim as large as 25×25 blocks (does not need to be a square). The protected area extends to the sky limit as well as 5 blocks below the lowest point of your claim visible from the sky.
  • Once you reach the rank of VIP, you can purchase more land claim blocks, up to 400×400, for 10 Sol each. That’s about 1,6 million Sol in total.
  • You can only have one claim placed at any given time.
  • Claims can expire up until you accrue 10,000 claim blocks, which will cost you 93,750 Sol once you have reached the rank of VIP. Before then, if you are inactive for more than 90 days, your claim will be removed and anything inside will become griefable. The automatic chest claim expires quicker, after only 7 days of inactivity. Make sure to expand it to extend this limit to the full 90 days.
  • The smallest claim you can make is 10×10, with a minimum width of 10 blocks.


You can purchase or rent properties using signs. At the moment we offer apartments, plots of land and rentable shop booths.

  • You will find pricing on the spot, in-game.
  • The plots of land are located outside of spawn. See the Map for the properties located in spawn.
  • Some properties are rank restricted. See Rank Benefits & Requirements.
  • Right-click to buy/rent and left-click to get more information about the property.
    • The plugin allows you to click buttons in chat which makes it a lot easier to use. These are marked by bold chat.


  • Any command that requires inputting the property name can be used without specifying a name if you are already within the borders of the region.
  • There is no confirmation when you sell or unrent a property if you click the corresponding buttons in chat after left-clicking the property sign. The action is instant. However, if you shift-right-click the sign, you will get to confirm this action.
  • You can only teleport to your property if you are in the same world as your property
  • When renting a property, you can only pay in advance for a fixed length of time (this is to ensure availability for active players):
    • Shop Booths: 1 week

These times are subject to change depending on the popularity of these properties.

  • You cannot purchase/start renting properties located in a different world from you.

When you sell properties directly back to the server, you will get 80% of what you initially paid, back. When renting, this means 80% of what you have currently paid in advance. If you resell your property, you will receive 100% of what you sell it for, but only if another player is willing to purchase it.


Selling your property directly back to the server will also automatically reset the property to its initial state. If you decide to do this, make sure everything you want to be saved is removed from your property beforehand. When reselling, your property is not reset after being sold.

When cancelling renting of a shop booth or chest storage room, the contents of the chests will not reset.

Chest Shops

You can create your own shops by placing a sign above, on top or on the side of a chest. To correctly set up your shop, follow the steps below.

  1. Place a chest (single or double).
  2. Place the item you want to sell inside the chest (you can only sell one item per chest). If you do not want to place anything inside the chest initially, skip to step 5.
  3. Place the sign, and type the following on each line number:
    2.    Quantity
    3.        B : S
  4. Skip to step 7.
  5. Place the sign, and type the following on each line number:
    2.    Quantity
    3.        B : S
    4.           ?
  6. Right-click with the item you want to sell.
  7. If you do not want players to be able to sell to your shop, omit “: S ” from line 3. If you do not want players to be able to buy from your shop, exclude “B :” from line 3.
  8. Example sign, using the method described in step 2:
    1.     Z1gg
    2.         10
    3.       B 20
    4.       Stick
  9. In this shop you can purchase ten sticks for 20 Sol. (you can also write the sign like this, all in one go, but the 1st and 4th line are automatically filled in, so this is not required).


Lets you set and use several teleport locations (private and public) and those of others. The warps below are accessible by all players unless stated otherwise.

Shop warps (in spawn):

  • aquarium – The Aquarium
  • bakery – The Bakery
  • carpenter – The Carpenter’s Workshop
  • explosives – The Explosives Shop
  • farm – The Farm
  • fish – The Fish District
  • flowers – The Flower Shop
  • marketstreet – Market Street
  • masonry – Mason’s Workshop
  • mine – The Mine
  • potion – The Potion Shop
  • redstone – The Redstone Shop
  • vipshop – VIP Shop (only for VIPs)
  • wizard – The Wizard Tower / Witch Cellar

If you are wondering which of these places sell what items, have a look at our Price List.

Other official warps:

Warp signs in spawn with (shortcut) written on top will teleport you to another part of spawn.

  • adminhall – Meet our staff in statue form
  • bank – Sell all your items in one place
  • icecourse – Parkour
  • junglecourse – Parkour
  • lots_b – Big plots of land for sale
  • lots_s – Small plots of land for sale
  • pvparena – PVP Arena (shortcut)
  • quest – Our biggest parkour challenge
  • wealthydistrict – The Wealthy District of Spawn (shortcut)
  • wild – The survival world


If you are mounted on a horse, the horse will also get teleported when warping.

Warp names are case sensitive, i.e. “warpname” and “WarpName” are two different warps.

The amount of warps you can place is dependant on your rank:

Member – 2 total warps

VIP – 10 total warps

VIP+ – 20 total warps

Mod – 20 total warps

Weather and Time Voting

Allows players that are VIP and over to vote to change the time of day or the weather. Everyone can vote yes or no, either with the commands listed in Member Commands or by clicking yes or no in-game. For starting a vote, see VIP Commands.


  • For a vote to fall through, you need at least 50% of votes.
  • Each vote lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The time of day can be changed in all worlds except spawn, while weather is unrestricted.
  • If you wish to ignore the vote and do not vote yes or not, it will not count.

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