1.13.2 is finally here…

…which means the server will soon finally go live! I have a lot of university work left to do this week, but hopefully during the weekend we can get started on fixing the stuff that broke when moving from 1.12 to 1.13, as 1.13.2 should be stable enough now for converting pre 1.13 worlds. This assumes that a bukkit update for 1.13.2 is released before the end of the week, because at the moment there is no ETA.

In other news, the issue with our warp plugin has been fixed and warp limits now work!

I will update this post when we have more information.

Update 29/10/18: The bukkit update was released last week and thus we are ready to begin fixing the stuff that broke in the transition, however I can’t say when it will be complete as university is still taking up a lot of my time. I am still using dev builds of many plugins so again, it is safer to wait than to get everything going immediately. As soon as I can give an estimate on release, I will update this post.

Update 13/11/18: Since the 7th of November our internet has been cut and thus the progress on getting the server up and running again has been stalled. Our internet should be back by tomorrow or the day after, but I still cannot give an estimate on release.

Update 19/11/18: All shop signs have now been updated and the new survival world has been created.

Update 23/11/18: Over the past week I have been trying to port forward our server computer through our new fiber net to be able to connect to it from an external network. However, I have found out that our ISP is most likely running something called CGNAT, which basically means the public IP address you use to connect (sunnyshadowz.no-ip.org automatically resolves to this address) identifies multiple end users instead of just one. The benefit of this is that an attacker will have a much harder time breaching the network, but it also means you cannot port forward the traditional way and hosting a service becomes much more troublesome. I have contacted our ISP about this and hope to receive a response soon. Bare with me…

Update 25/11/18: Our ISP kindly gave us a free public IP address, meaning we will soon be live!

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