Minecraft 1.14

The server has finally been updated to 1.14. The reason it has taken this long is I’ve been pretty busy in May and early June, and an attempt at updating to 1.14 a few weeks ago left many plugins broken, which I simply did not have time to deal with. Anyway, that’s now a thing of the past, and you can expect a few updates to our spawn town using all the new blocks and items that were added to the game.

In other recent news, we have started working on a proper in-game tutorial for our server which we feel has been needed from the very “launch” (re-launch) of SunnyShadowz in December of last year. The reason for this is that the advertising post of our server barely touches the surface of every feature to keep it as short as possible. The idea is to give every player access to this area at all times so you can go back as many times as you want to check up on information.

We have also been hard at work on a new area of spawn, the name of which has not yet been decided. Vigilant players may have seen the structure below in the distance as it is right next to Central Park. This district will be larger than what can be seen below. That is just the main attraction, but there will be much, much more to see when it’s all done, not to mention many more reward signs. Note that the castle itself and the surrounding area is very much work in progress still, and it is so big that no screenshot really does it justice!


More smaller updates:

  • The Ender Dragon now properly respawns in The End after placing four End Crystals on the portal. If you are unaware, it used to be broken. We are not sure what fixed it or caused the issues it in the first place, but it works as it should now.
  • When you reach the required playtime for promotion you will now automatically be promoted to the next rank, up until VIP+.
  • When you die you will respawn on your bed if you have slept in one.
  • Every single shop sign in spawn now has an item frame attached to it.
  • AFK notification timer increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes (you still get kicked after 10 minutes).
  • Magma Blocks increased in price from $3 to $25 per block.
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