Item Pricing Update

As mentioned in a previous post, we are in the process of updating the price of most items in our in-game shops, but we have decided to make it an iterative process instead of waiting until all prices are updated and then applying the change in-game. What that means is that all items that have been updated up to now have been applied in-game. The drawback is that some farmable items that have the new system applied will seem less valuable than other farmable items that use the old system, and we apologize for this. Getting all farmable items updated is a priority.

Even with the new system in place there will be exceptions, such as items that are used for spawning bosses (Wither Skeleton Skulls) and items that are otherwise extremely rare (Shulker Shells, Elytras). Elytras have been increased to a price of $300,000 (from $100,000) to encourage finding these the vanilla way.

In other news, 1.13 items are on the way to our in-game shops, look out for another post soon!

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