Plugin Update & QOL

The plugin previously used to vote for changing the time of day and the weather has been swapped out for two separate plugins that fulfill the task equally well, if not better. Check out the command reference on our website for the new commands. This is to allow a completely new plugin to function correctly: a vote reward plugin, finally!

From now on you will be rewarded one voting point for each website you vote for our server on every 24 hours. There are four websites you can vote on, meaning you can get up to four voting points per day, which translates to one diamond in the vote shop. Consecutive rewards are active, meaning you get bigger rewards the more consecutive days you have voted. Voting each day on at least one of the voting websites for an entire week, will grant you $10,000, while if you do this for an entire month instead, you will get a much bigger $100,000. These rewards are subject to change.

Access the vote GUI with the /vote command.

Regarding QOL, the in-game map in spawn has been updated with named banners, giving away the locations of our item shops along with multiple points of interest!

Finally, and this is more of a “bug fix”, the mob spawners for cows and sheep have been removed with only the pig spawner remaining, as those spawners spawned pigs even though they were labelled as cow and sheep spawners. It is possible to change the type of mob spawned by right-clicking the spawner with a spawn egg, but consequently we have removed the horse spawn egg as that is simply overpowered. The spawn eggs that remain are pig, sheep and cow.

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