July News Flash

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

This is an update on a few things that have happened during the past week.

To start things off, we have noticed a lot of players have placed public warps which everyone can access, unintentionally, and have therefore made a change to warp permissions. Members no longer have access to the command /warp set warpname, which places a public warp directly. As a Member you can now only place private warps with the command /warp pset warpname (see default commands for aliases). We have not removed the ability to make public warps however, it’s just that now you have to first make a private warp, and then publicize it with the command /warp public warpname. Once you reach VIP you will be able to create public warps directly, like you could do previously. Hopefully, this prevents any more players from accidentally placing public warps.

Moving on, the daily reward for voting on all four websites has increased in value from $200 (one Diamond) to $800 (16 Gold Ingots). We believe the switch from Diamonds to Gold Ingots is necessary as otherwise, a new player could receive four Diamonds upon joining and make Diamond tools immediately. Now you first need to figure out our shop system to convert the Gold to Diamonds! We would also like to clarify that the voting streaks do not require voting on all four websites, just one of them per day. If you do vote on all four now though, you will be rewarded quadruple the amount you were rewarded before.

We also have new shop items coming up. You can check them out on the price list. Any item marked green will be making its way into our stores soon.

That’s it for the changes!

On a final note, if you enjoy our server and would like to help us out further other than just voting for rewards (and donating), you can post a short review (both positives and negatives) of our server on our post on Minecraft Forum. The reason this helps is that it bumps our post right to the top of their server list, plus you let other players and us know what you think! You are not rewarded anything in-game for doing this, so it is completely up to you.

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