The Aquarium, 1.13 items & pricing update

1.13 items have finally made it to our shops, and yes, that includes the Trident!

You can find most items in the newly built Aquarium, but some (Trident & Phantom Membrane) can be found in the Wizard Tower instead.

We have also made a second pass on item pricing, and have come to the conclusion that taking into account all aspects of a farm (building difficulty, efficiency, size etc.) and coming up with a formula from that information is simply too difficult to do and would most likely take months to accomplish.

With that said, we are still in the process of looking through all ingredients and documenting why they have that particular price and updating prices of certain items to be more consistent (for example, previously String cost half as much as Wool, and Rotten Flesh cost four times less). We are actively trying to make sure that pricing of items such as foods correspond to the food points and saturation of each, that pricing of armors correspond to the durability and defense levels etc. The only thing we are “scrapping”, is a formula that would have been applied to all farmable items based on farming statistics for that ingredient. We thought this formula would be objective at first, but the reality of it is that any formula has to be based in one way or another on the difficulty of obtaining an item in the world when you start fresh. This makes it biased since every player has their own opinion about how easy it is to get a certain ingredient, and our previous system was just that, based on our perception of how easy each item is to get. Therefore, we want to improve on the old system instead of throwing it out and starting anew, and to get there we encourage you to get in touch with us if you think the nerf of any item, not just farmables, is not justified.

With that out of the way, enjoy a photoshoot of the Aquarium!

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